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Our Rural Herbrandston Practice

Your teeth mean a great deal to you, but how often do you think about them in day to day life? In fact, it may only be when you are experiencing problems, or are unhappy with your smile that you pay them any real attention at all other than cleaning.

Well, whether you are looking for the simple peace of mind that comes with knowing that you will not find yourself in pain with no help, or whether you are just looking to obtain the smile you have always wanted through caring and pain free treatments, we are here to help.

We have a special relationship with all our patients. We take great pleasure in the success of our treatments and enjoy the final results as much as our patients.

One of our caring dental teams

We take pride in being entirely ethical: no hidden costs, no tricks, no hard sell. Simple plain speaking.

We do things differently to any other practice in West Wales, something that means 98% of our patients refer there friends and family to see us and always leave with a smile!

We are able to offer a hugely diverse range of treatments within both our practices, including dental implants, orthodontics, dental sedation, all manner of cosmetic dentistry as well as thorough routine check-ups that screen for things many dentists simply do not do.

We are also there for you when you do have problems. We are here to get you out of any pain you might experience, or better yet, prevent the pain from happening in the first place, in an atmosphere that will leave you relaxed, fully informed and keep you smiling.

No matter if you are looking just for routine care, or a complete smile makeover we are dedicated to finding out exactly what you want so you can be 100% satisfied.

We work from two dental practices: one at Herbrandston (opened in 2004) and in Narberth (opened 2015) with both practices being run identically in regards to patient and customer service.

You are also able to transfer between practices so we can always see you at your most convenient location.

So why not find out if we are right for you. Simply click the link below to find out more, and contact us today!

Want to see how we do thing differently?

Visit our blog where we post detailed stories of how we are different to other dental practices, outline our techniques and generally have a good time!

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