Implant a Tree is our way of helping to give the earth back its bite whilst also helping to fix yours.

For every implant case that we complete at Herbrandston and Narberth Dental Health Practices, we plant a native UK tree right here in Pembrokeshire!

As one of the leading dental practices in West Wales we thought this would be a great way for us to not only promote beautiful smiles but to also help the environment. This is also the only scheme of its kind within the UK.

We place implants within the practice on a weekly basis, and have been doing sofor the last 15 years. To celebrate this fact we created “implant a tree” in away to give back to nature by planting trees on behalf of our patients.

This means we expect to be planting hundreds of new trees a year, meaning there will be a new native woodland forest in no time: created completely from people who have had their smiles restored.

Each implant patient is also given the chance to be involved in the selection and planting of their own tree.

Anyone choosing to have an implant placed as part of their treatment plan get a choice of native tree, the option to help plant it and a certificate showing their part in helping the environment.

We’ll also be sharing regular updates across social media and in the practice, making sure that everyone can see the progress of our new woodland.

Our trees will be planted every winter in specially selected land in Pembrokeshire, ready for a summer of growth.

We are delighted to be able to give back to the environment whilst also giving back new smiles to our patients.

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