Our Herbrandston Staff

Our Dental Surgeons

Principal Dental Surgeon

Dr Mark Boulcott BDS Glasg 1986

Mark qualified from Glasgow University in 1986. Having spent much of his professional life within the Armed Forces he has worked as a dentist in many practices throughout the World. In peacetime he worked treating soldiers and their families either within a single practice or within a large dental centre. He has a wide range of clinical interests including the treatment of anxious patients using a variety of specialist techniques including hypnotherapy and sedation. In 1993 Dr Boulcott passed the Diploma of General Dental Practice subsequently becoming a Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners of The Royal College of Surgeons in 1997. An appointed teacher and mentor in dental implants, Dr Boulcott is an active member of the Association of Dental Implantology and attended three years at the Faculty of Dental Surgeon's Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons, England.

GDC Registration Number: 61044

Associate Dental Surgeon

Dr Somini Chandy BDS Mysore 1989

Before joining our team at Herbrandston in 2007, Dr Chandy worked largely within the hospital settings of India, Ireland and England (Chalmsford and Oxford). She trained in Oral Surgery and Periodontology and carried out research in the link between gum disease and heart disease. She was awarded her Masters in Medical Science for this as well as obtaining her FDS at the Royal College of Surgeons, England in year 2000. Her refined clinical skills combined with a gentle, holistic approach ensure that our patients enjoy consistently high quality pain-free dental care.

GDC Registration Number: 101444

Associate Dental Surgeon

Dr Alex Portela LMD Portugal 2001

Dr Alex Portela is a dentist enthusiastic about her ongoing professional training. She loves anything that she feels can help our patients and is cultivating special interests in cosmetic dentistry and endodontics (root treating failing teeth). Not a tall person she is well suited for the low beamed surgery in which she works. Ironicaly she has a dog that is almost as tall as she is.

GDC Registration Number: 84201

Dental Nursing Staff

Our dental surgeons are only as good as our ancillary clinical staff. These include:

Senior Dental Nurse


Petra Cullerton

Petra joined us in 2012. She is very able and is the senior dental nurse for both the Herbrandston and Narberth Practice. A happy lady with great personal experience of service, she is a wonderful asset to our practice and tends to work with Mark.

GDC Registration Number: 253243


Cheryl Maddison

A fantastic and experienced nurse with a passion for dentistry Cheryl is a lovely and confident member of staff always helpful and full of life!

Cheryl loves to be a bit of a practical joker within the practice, sure to make you laugh. Fun and happy, Cheryl is a great member of our team.

She Loves anything related to Disney, so start a conversation about it and have a friend for life. Really she is our very own Disney princess.

GDC Registration Number: 237430


Ella is our first German member of staff, to fully round out our European vibe.

A great nurse, Ella is fun to be around, friendly and helpful. Always laughing and joking with our patients, she always has a excellent relationship with everyone who she helps to treat.

Ella loves her dogs and loves to spoil the practice pooches with treats.

GDC Registration Number: 253829

Practice Manager

Anthony Millard

Anthony is a qualified plumber, ex serviceman and now the senior manager of our multi dental chair practice. He is world wise and runs the day to day administration of the Practice. He is even a fully qualified and registered dental nurse.

GDC Registration Number:173524

The Term Doctor

The term 'Doctor' is a 'courtesy' title used by the medical profession. The true title of 'Doctor' should be reserved for those with a PhD qualification or 'doctorate'. Historically qualified medical physicians were referred to as doctors but unlicensed surgeons were regarded as simply 'Mister'. This is the reason why medical doctors loose the title of Doctor when they become surgeons and why dental surgeons have never been known as doctors pre 1994. The term 'Doctor' referring now to dental surgeons can be a bit confusing in the UK because of this historical difference of social heirarchy. In Europe and America, all dentists have a 'Doctorate' of dental Sciences and so it is really a British oddity that UK dentists were never previously Doctors.

Now, in line with the rest of the World, UK registered dentists can use the courtesy title 'Doctor' but it should be understood that none of the dental surgeons working at Herbrandston (as for the vast majority of dental surgeries in the UK and around the World) are either Medical 'Doctors' or hold a PhD qualification.

This being said, all dental surgeons at Herbrandston prefer to be referred to by their first name and we invite all our patients to do just that. Likewise, unless you have objection, we would call you by your first name. This gives a more informal friendly atmosphere and we would be rather viewed as equals rather than having a title: Doctor or otherwise.

In Memory

Karen Boulcott (BA Hons), the late wife of Dr Mark Boulcott, sadly died in road traffic accident on 07 Oct 06. She was killed by a drunken driver on the A40, Pembs, and is missed by both patients and staff alike. Karen was a lovely lady who worked tirelessly to help her husband start up the business of Herbrandston Dental Health Practice in 2004. Karen was our Practice Supervisor and we miss her.

We leave this picture of her here as a tribute to the love we all had for her. . She is always in our thoughts. God Bless.

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