Our Staff - Narberth

Our Dental Surgeons

Dr Mark Boulcott BDS Glasg 1986

Dr Mark Boulcott

Mark is the principal dental surgeon for both Herbrandston and Narberth. His details can be found on the Herbrandston Staff page.

Mark visits Narberth at least two days per week and oversees the development of the new practice working hard to ensure consistency between both practices in Customer Service and Patient care.

It is he that will carry out the more complex or demanding cases arriving at Narberth but in line with practice policy, each patient will see the best dentist for each given task. As a result, unless specified otherwise by the patient, each patient may in fact see more than one dentist within the practice depending on their presenting problems.

Any complaint, concern or even suggestion in regard to either practice should be directed to him in order that we can improve our service not only to you but also to other patients. He welcomes all feedback: good or bad.

GDC Registration Number: 61044

Associate Dental Surgeon

Dr Jelena Djordjevic BDS Belgrade 2005

Jelena Djordjevic

Jelena qualified from the Belgrade University, Serbia in 2005 as the best student in her class. She was awarded Masters degree in orthodontics in 2008 and in 2011 obtained the doctorate, the highest academic degree in dentistry, from the same university. She is a member of the European Orthodontic Society and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Jelena was involved in teaching and research at Belgrade University and Cardiff University for ten years and continues to contribute to research in 3D facial imaging as an honorary senior research fellow at Cardiff University. Recently, she was awarded for her research work by the European Orthodontic Society. Besides her passion for clinical and scientific work, she enjoys art, literature, travel and learning new languages.

GDC Registration Number: 251722

Dental Nursing Staff

Our dental surgeons are only as good as our ancillary clinical staff. These include:

Senior Dental Nurses


Petra Culleton

Petra joined us in 2012. She is very able and is the senior dental nurse for both the Herbrandston and Narberth Practice. A happy lady with great personal experience of service, she is a wonderful asset to our practice and tends to work with Mark.

GDC Registration Number: 253243


Julia has worked many years at other practices before coming to work here at Narberth. As a result she is confident, reassuring and knows how to help our patients get the best experience possible. These qualities make her ideal to lead the nursing team with us in Narberth

GDC Registration Number:127321


Sophy Greaves

Sophy is always up for a laugh, and is just the right person to have by your side for our more nervous patients who need a friendly face.

Sophy is recently qualified and whilst still gaining knowledge she is always looking for new ways to progress her nursing career.

Before becoming a Dental nurse she worked in a popular hairdressing salon for 12 Years. She brought with her a cheerful attitude and small talk skills so valuable to a hair stylist. This works well for our patients who love her bubbly personality and reassuring attitude.

GDC Registration Number: 266684


Jasmine James

Jasmine is always eager to learn having recently finished her nursing qualification. She is always happy to help nervous patients by supporting them through their dental experience with reassurance and a hand to hold.

If not in surgery with Jelena she can be found giving a helping hand around the practice. She is a friendly and easygoing member of staff who is a great addition to us in Narberth.

GDC Registration Number: 275888

Practice Manager


Liam Boulcott

Liam is always happy to help and goes to great lengths to ensure patient satisfaction and service. It is he who run the marketing over both sites and makes sure patients are always aware of what's going on in the practice.

He had no aspirations to become a dentist, in following the 'family profession' but instead attended Aberystwyth University where he obtained a degree in Agriculture and Business. He had originally wished to pursue a career in agronomy (crop science) but was recruited by his father for his new business utilising his business management rather than agricultural skills.

Liam now loves working within Narberth being pretty much in control of the day to day running of the practice.

Reception Staff


Imogen Appleby-Jones

Imogen is our friendly front of house within Narberth.

First impressions always count when patients visit us for the first time and Imogen makes sure not to disappoint. She is always happy to help with a friendly smile to greet you.

Most importantly she has an outgoing personality and is easy to talk to while you wait to see the dentist.

She enjoys triathlons, skiing and running and is overall a very active person.

Animal Therapy

Theo and Cocoa

Following on from our animal therapy in Herbrandston, you may think that with Narberth being a high street location makes it difficult to have any animals in the practice at all. Not the case, as Theo and Cocoa our small brown sausage dogs take up residence in the back office during the day.

They are very quiet, but more than happy to meet new people if they pop their head in!

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