• Missing Teeth And Need A Solution?

    A full smile is a measure of health, happiness and attractiveness. If you ever end up with even a single gap in your smile your face is immediately changed. Having a missing tooth can have a big impact on how you feel, can make you feel embarrassed and critically, stops you from smiling. So, if you have a missing tooth what options do you have?

  • The Cost Of Skipping Dental Care

    Everybody appreciates the value of saving on healthcare costs: to put dentistry, for example on the 'back burner' in order to have money for things of more immediate concern. The question is, how long can you keep doing this before you or your families teeth suffer harm?

  • What Makes A Good Dental Practice?

    We have been asked on many occasions by friends, family and often by patients worried by family attending another dental practice:

  • What You Should Know About Teeth Straightening

    Orthodontics or tooth straightening treatments have come a long way since the early days of dentistry. Technology is better, treatments are less invasive, perceptions have changed and the overall experience is much more pleasant. Surprisingly it’s not just for kids either. More and more adults are getting orthodontic treatment because they understand the importance of a healthy smile.

  • Using Animals For Your Fear Of The Dentist?

    Anxiety towards dental treatment and the dental profession in general still remains the main stated reason as to why around 50% of the UK population fail to seek out dental care except in an emergency situation. Patients cite a fear of pain and yet when they present, they are already in pain. Because they are in pain, the experience is perhaps more uncomfortable than the dentist would like, they...

  • Scared Of The Dentist

    You are not alone. Over a [third of UK patients](\-of\-brits\-fear\-dentists\-chair/) state having anxiety visiting the dentist. The main reason? Fear or anxiety.

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