• Recycle Your Dental Waste

    ♻️ You Can now recycle your Dental waste with us ♻️

  • Should I Consider Dental Implants?

    Dental Implants are a common solution for missing teeth with different options available depending on if you have a single missing tooth, several or an entire jaw. Dental Implants are perhaps the most reliable and long\-lasting option available for missing teeth but when should you consider them?

  • Get Your Sparkling Summer Smile, Safely

    No matter how well you look after your teeth, you will find that over time they will dull or discolour, especially with staining foods and drink \(coffee is our particular vice...\). There are ways to keep them bright for longer, such as avoiding these foods, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a good oral hygiene regime, but sometimes this may not be enough. That's where teeth whitening p...

  • Dental Myths #6

    Like any industry, dentistry is full of rumours and misconceptions about what and what isn't the best for your oral health. In this series, we will be correcting some of the more popular misconceptions about your smile. Hopefully, this will allow you to take care of your smile, and avoid any unwanted problems.

  • Mouthwash - Keep Your Mouth in Mint Condition

    Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly is something everyone understands to maintain excellent oral health. Many however are unsure where mouthwash fits into an oral care routine, and where it is even necessary! We aim to enlighten you about the types available, how to use it, and most importantly when best to maintain a beautiful smile!

  • The Extra Step For A Truly Healthy Smile

    Brushing your teeth is the first thing everyone thinks of for a healthy smile and should always be the top priority for oral health. But did you realise that a toothbrush only reaches 60% of the tooth's actual surface? The rest is hidden away between your teeth, in the interdental space! For a truly healthy and happy smile, you need to reach these areas too as part of your routine tooth care.

  • Is Teeth Straightening the New Tummy Tuck?

    'Teeth have become the new boob job' according to The Guardian recently, making comment on the post\-pandemic rise in cosmetic and aesthetic teeth treatments. Within our practise, we have seen the demand for teeth whitening, smile aesthetics and teeth straightening increase significantly. Meetings on video apps such as 'Zoom' have drawn a new focus to our smiles and has been a considerable fact...

  • Can Dental Sedation Help Conquer Your Fear Of The Dentist?

    Found yourself dreading your next visit to the dentist? Dental Sedation could be the answer. See how sedation could work for you with our latest infographic. Safe, effective and non\-invasive dental sedation has helped hundreds of patients work through their dental phobias.

  • 6 Surprise Benefits of Chewing (Sugar-Free) Gum

    Whether to freshen breath, the minty taste or just a distraction, we have been chewing gum in some form for the last millennium. The act of chewing can also provide a wide array of extra benefits to your oral health as well that may not be obvious at first glance. We’ve put together 6 surprising benefits to chomping away below!

  • Fighting Enamel Cruelty

    A build\-up of dental tartar can cause your teeth to become endangered! Your mouth contains millions of bacteria. These quickly multiply to produce plaque – a film of bacteria which sticks to the surface of your teeth. When saliva food and fluids combine in the mouth it provides the ideal environment for bacteria to grow. Foods high in carbohydrates and sugars are particularly bad for encouraging...

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