• Dental PPE

    PPE Costs have been a hot topic of late, especially within the dental profession. The fact some suppliers have reported PPE costs increasing by up to 600% it is no wonder that some dentists are charging up to £35 for PPE within the dental practice. We spent a lot of time throughout the lockdown trying to source robust, yet cost\-effective PPE that allows us to treat all of our patients fairly an...

  • Practice Reopening!

    We are delighted to you to let you know that, as from Wednesday 01 July _\(Subject to Welsh De\-Escalation\)_ we plan to reopen services to all our patients assuming they have no [signs or symptoms of Covid 19](https://ub198.infusion\

  • How You Visit The Dentist Is Changing

    With the Coronavirus, we have had to make a number of changes to your dental journey in order to keep everyone safe. But don't worry, you can still get the same great treatment you have always come to expect we just have to take a few measures to keep everyone safe! Check out our infographic below to see what to expect on your next dental visit.

  • May Newsletter

    It's time for another update on the day to day goings\-on within the practices. We've put together the most interesting bits from the last month to keep you up to date. Watch out, its a long one!

  • 6 Ways You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong!

    We all know that brushing our teeth is important, but are you do the best job you can or are you stuck with a bad habit? Read on to see the dos and don'ts of scrubbing your pearly whites!

  • Getting A White Smile

    Have you found your smile lacking recently? Are you looking for a grin pick me up? Our whitening infographic showcases how easy it can be to get a great white smile safely and reliably. Check it out and get smiling

  • Tooth Wear and Erosion

    It has been reported that as many as 77% of adults have some form of tooth wear and levels of moderate tooth wear have also increased, especially in young adults. Tooth wear is a natural part of ageing but can be increased through erosive components, such as acid in food and drink. Dental erosion is defined as the irreversible loss of dental hard tissue \(enamel\) by a chemical process not invo...

  • Slow Dentistry Is Better Dentistry

    We believe, as caring dental professionals, that we should adopt a slower pace in our dental practice. Not because we want to be lazy but rather to ensure better patient safety and to reduce our own work\-related stress. We believe a less stressed dentist produces a far higher quality of work and patient experience. This concept of a slower, less hurried approach to dental care \(hardly a great...

  • Oral Piercings – A Stab In The Dark

    Almost half of women aged 16 to 24 have a piercing of some type. This not only includes ear piercings, with alternative piercing sites being greater among women with oral piercings being the most popular. Oral piercings themselves include in the tongue, lip, cheeks and uvula. 43% of the UK population now have a tongue piercing, with tongue, lip and gums being much less common. Of those with exis...

  • 6 Ways to Fight Dental Anxiety

    If you have a fear of visiting the dentist, you're not alone. As many as 40% of the UK population have a known fear of the dentist with as many as 20% only going if they have dental pain. Of course, regular dental visits are important to prevent problems later on down the line so we have put together 6 ways to help make your visits to the dentist more bearable.

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