6 Easy Ways You Can Have A Healthier Smile

A great smile can tell a lot about a person and is one of the first things you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time. It is very important then to look after your smile and make sure your mouth is taken care of.

Your mouth is a lot more than just teeth too! Your gums, tongue and bone are all key elements in keeping your smile in its best condition. We’ve put together 6 dentist-approved recommendations for a great smile.

1. Brush your teeth regularly

This may seem like obvious advice, but that doesn’t make it any less important! By using a fluoride toothpaste twice a day, and even a mouthwash if you fancy, you are re-mineralising your tooth enamel and keeping your teeth strong and healthy.

Two minutes is the time you should aim for when brushing to make sure you are thorough and are getting every area. Not sure you’re doing it for long enough? Set a timer on your phone to make sure you hit the two minutes make every time!

2. Floss!

Another tip that we are sure you’ve heard before! Brushing your teeth is good enough to clean the front and back of your teeth, but really struggles to clean in between. This is exactly what floss excels at! Just pick one brush session to get the floss out and floss before you brush.

3. Drink More Water!

Acid is one of the leading factors that lead to tooth decay. Most of this comes from the acids released by plaque-causing bacteria that can live on your teeth, but acidic drinks like fruit juice and fizzy drinks can also lead to erosion and decay.

Water is neutral so helps to wash these acids out of your mouth and rinses away some of the food that these nasty bacteria feed on. Not only that, but water can also help to whiten your teeth by reducing the amount of staining your teeth receive from coffee, wine and fizzy drinks!

4. Swap your brush every 3 months!

We would always recommend an electric tooth brush when it comes to looking after your oral health. Not only are they clinically proven to be more effective than manual toothbrushes at cleaning your teeth, they normally have a few extra features that make brushing easier and more effective.

But regardless of which brush you use, you should aim to swap your brush or brush head every 3 months. This keeps the bristles effective when they clean and stops your toothbrush head from being filled with bacteria!

5. Brush longer not harder

When it comes to toothbrushes you might think that the firmer the bristle the better to really give your teeth a scrub. However, it is actually better to have a softer bristle when it comes to looking after your smile.

A soft toothbrush bristle helps to gently stimulate your gums, keeping them healthy whilst also brushing away plaque that may have built up on your teeth surfaces.

6. Visit your dentist regularly!

I’m sure you saw this one coming! Of course, we would recommend you visit us regularly, but it really is one of the best ways to look after you oral health!

We can help to spot any problems before they become major problems, give advice on what you could do to improve your smile and overall keep you smiling for as long as possible!

If you think you could do with a check-up you can always get in touch with us here and get started on your best smile journey.

And there you have it 6 simple ways that will definitely help you to keep smiling and keep your oral health in top condition. If you think your smile could do with a revamp, or you are worried about something in your mouth we are only ever a phone call away.

Page last updated: 28 Sep 2020  2:25PM