A Race To Better Oral Health

Some of the best athletes in the world actually have a higher risk of oral disease than the average person!

A new study has found that elite athletes have a higher rate of oral disease, despite brushing their teeth more frequently than most people.

A study across 11 sport showed that nearly half of athletes had untreated tooth decay, and many showed early signs of gum inflammation.

Much of this was thought to be caused by the use of Sports gels, drinks and energy bars with the sugar in these products known to increase the risk of tooth decay.

In dental checkups, almost half had untreated tooth decay with a significant number also finding themselves with gum inflammation. To further compound the issue, around a third also said that poor oral health interfered with their training in some way.

It is thought that the levels of sugars found in many sports drinks, tablets and gel were the main causing factor of these issues, as their frequent use increases the acidity of the mouth as bacteria feed on the plentiful sugars.

Despite having better than average dental habits, such as not smoking and regular visits to the dentist the sugar in these products was still causing these problems in the athletes.

In fact over 90% of athletes brushed their teeth twice a day with around half also flossing regularly, much higher than the general population.

Page last updated: 10 Jan 2020  12:11PM