Dental Myths and Misconceptions #3

Like any industry, dentistry is full of rumours and misconceptions about what and what isn't the best for your oral health.

In this series, we will be correcting some of the more popular misconceptions about your smile. Hopefully, this will allow you to take care of your smile, and avoid any unwanted problems.

Myth #7 – Dental Braces Are Only For Kids And Teenagers

Whilst it is true that having dental braces when you are younger is the most ideal time to correct teeth alignment, it does not mean that it is the only time that this is possible to get a great straight smile.

There are many new technologies that have come into dentistry in recent years that can still provide you with a straight smile, regardless of age. Specifically, systems like Invisalign allow you to straighten your teeth in a way that are almost invisible, allowing you to carry on with life as normal.

Myth #8 – Wearing My Dentures 24 Hours A Day Is Fine

We would always recommend removing your dentures overnight, ideally before bed. This is for two reasons, the first of which is allowing your mouth and gums to “breathe” without having the constant pressure of a set of dentures pressing down on them. It also allows saliva to make its way around your mouth and rehydrate those tissues.

Secondly, it allows you to care for your dentures. We would recommend that you soak the dentures in a denture cleaning solution and clean any trapped food or “gunk” that may have accumulated. This, of course, prevents the build-up of any bacteria that may cause further issues or sores within the mouth.

Myth #9 – Having My Teeth Scaled Will Eventually Wear Them Away!

Dental scaling uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove dental plaque and calculus from teeth, and is not actually abrasive so there is very little chance of your teeth being worn away.

When carried out by our dentists the scaling is only used on areas of concern or calculus build up, so would rarely affect the natural teeth surface.

Especially if dental scaling is done at appropriate intervals is an ideal way to maintain gum health and keep your teeth in peak health.

Page last updated: 10 Jan 2020  12:10PM