Dental Myths and Misconceptions #4

Like any industry, dentistry is full of rumours and misconceptions about what and what isn't the best for your oral health.

In this series, we will be correcting some of the more popular misconceptions about your smile. Hopefully, this will allow you to take care of your smile, and avoid any unwanted problems.

Myth #10 – I Don’t Need To Have My Childs Baby Teeth checked, They Get Replaced Anyway!

Whilst it is true that a child's “milk teeth” will eventually get replaced by their adult teeth, it certainly doesn’t mean they should be ignored until then!

Milk teeth are still susceptible to dental caries, and if left to get bad enough can cause significant dental pain. This means you should keep an eye on them, and if any holes should develop get them filled and treated the same as adult teeth.

Having to have a milk tooth removed can also cause issues with guiding the adult teeth through or in worst-case scenarios, the gap for the tooth can close, preventing the adult tooth from erupting correctly in the first place. This would then only be fixable through orthodontics later in life.

Maintaining teeth when young can also help to set the child up with habits that they would carry on later in life. Regular brushing and use of fluoride toothpaste will help to prevent decay regardless of age.

Myth #11 – Having Straight Teeth Is Only Aesthetic

Having a great smile can boost a person’s confidence at any stage of their life, but the physical effects can also be considerable.

Straight and aligned teeth make it easier to maintain good oral hygiene, something everyone should strive for. When teeth are misaligned or crowded, some overlapping surfaces become difficult, or impossible to clean effectively. This can lead to pockets of decay forming or gum disease.

Similarly, if teeth are poorly aligned within the mouth it can cause uneven pressure on the jaw and teeth that can cause aches, soreness and even trauma in more severe cases. Getting an orthodontic assessment from a dentist can help to assess your risks, and offer a solution should you need treatment.

Treatment for adults is now easier than ever with systems such as Invisalign providing a discreet and comfortable option.

Myth #12 – Going To The Dentist Always Equals Pain

Many people have a phobia of the dentist, most often stemming from a previous bad experience in the dental chair. They associate the dentist with someone who is going to inflict pain on them, and so simply don’t attend until there is a problem…. Most often pain!

Finding the right dentist can be tough, but visiting regularly can result in a more overall pleasant experience and hopefully less discomfort as small problems can normally be sorted easily.

Most routine treatments can even be done without anaesthetic, and are without discomfort.

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