Are you missing teeth… and want to do something about it?

A full smile is a measure of health, happiness and attractiveness. If you ever end up with even a single gap in your smile your face is immediately changed.

Having a missing tooth can have a big impact on how you feel, can make you feel embarrassed and critically, stops you from smiling.

So, if you have a missing tooth what options do you have?

A Gao In Your Smile Can Really Knock Confidence

One option is to have a denture that you can take in and out of your mouth.

But they are far from ideal solutions. Ask anyone who has to wear a denture and the majority will tell you that it is a real pain: literally sometimes but mainly because it moves about when eating and talking.

The one good thing to say about most dentures: it is better than having no teeth at all.

In an ideal situation, we want something fixed in your mouth, something that stays in place all the time, allows you to eat comfortably and looks great.

This brings your choices to either a dental bridge (a tooth or teeth held in place by having components stuck to other teeth) or a dental implant.

A bridge is usually held in place by placing crowns on neighbouring teeth.

The problem is that the preparation of the teeth for the bridge significantly damages these teeth. They are shaved down sometimes to a degree that can compromise the health of these teeth: especially in the long term.

What if these neighbouring teeth are not in the best of health themselves? This could be a problem. Placing a bridge on these teeth will compromise their health further with the possibility of their loss later in life.

Consequences? Loss of teeth and the bridge providing in an even larger gap in your smile!

A Typical Dental Bridge

OK – so dental implants. What are these? Well, they are essentially replacement teeth…. or rather replacement roots.

Where there is a gap and the bone has not shrunk so far back (as happens usually many years after tooth loss), a metal screw can be literally placed in the bone.

Titanium is unique in that, unlike other metals, bone actually grows onto its surface much like coral on a rock. This makes the implant very stable and allows it to carry an artificial tooth. In effect you have a crown or bridge placed directly on an artificial root, so restoring appearance and function.

This is a relatively simple and painless procedure. Certainly, the vast majority of patients say having an implant placed is far nicer than having the tooth out in the first place with very little post-operative discomfort.

They work well, in the most part, failing only where the patient either fails to look after the implant (oral hygiene is important) or where a medical condition (including some types of diabetes or heavy smoking) interferes with healing and the bone growth onto the implant. Having an implant even prevents the otherwise inevitable bone loss associated with losing the tooth.

So pretty much a great idea.

The main downside is that Dental Implants are not cheap. The material costs are high and there are considerable expertise, overhead and time required to place them.

At Narberth & Herbrandston we pride ourselves on our ability to keep overheads down. As a result, we charge £1900 per fully restored dental implant including surgery, the abutment, temporary crowns, final crowns and follow up appointments.

We also make use of 3D scans - an unusual, expensive technique that allows the very best planning and clinical success.

We think our work, of whatever implant type or manufacturer, represents excellent value for money: yet all this is carried out by one of the pre-eminent implant surgeons working within the UK today.

What To Do Now?

If you are considering having dental implants, why not give us a call on 01646 690580 to arrange a no commitment examination and treatment discussion with Dr Boulcott. Alternatively, ask your dentist to refer you to us.

Being highly experienced in the field, Dr Boulcott receives referrals from other dental surgeons throughout Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire including dealing with implant cases placed by other surgeons both here and abroad that have associated problems.

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