November Newsletter

It's time for another update on the day to day goings-on within the practices. We've put together the most interesting bits from the last month to keep you up to date.

Top Quality Care - Officially Recognised

In our last newsletter we announced that we were finalists in this years Oral Health Awards.

We are delighted to have come Highly Commended (or second) in this year's awards for the Best Care of Nervous Patients.

This is a UK wide award so we are extremely proud to have been recognised as one of the top practices in the Uk for nervous patient care

Looking after our most nervous patients is something we do our best to make our top priority, so is it amazing to have it recognised for the second year in a row!

Wary Whitening Watchout!

We love a bargain, but not damage to our teeth!

Many of us at the practice frequent Aldi for their offers on "stuff in the middle" so when we spotted a new home whitening kit for sale, we were surprised!

Historically whitening has only been carried by dental professionals, but recently home kits have been popping up with other whitening ingredients that are not currently regulated or thoroughly researched. Having done some research it turns out the active ingredient in this kit actually etches the enamel of your teeth, potentially damaging the tooth's surface as you can see below!

Check out our most recent blog on the topic before you buy to see what damage these kits could potentially cause, just click the image below

An example of the damage these kits can cause

Catching Up With #Implantatree

Another set of #Implantatree certificates due to go off this month!

With the current treatment backlog in the practice and the shutdown, we fell a little behind!

Thankfully we have got these next 20 certificates good to go, and that mean another 20 trees that will be planted this year in our already growing woodland!

Interested in knowing more about our #Implantatree Program? See the full details on our website here or by clicking the image below.

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