October Newsletter

It's time for another update on the day to day goings-on within the practice. We've put together the most interesting bits from the last month to keep you up to date.

Award-Worthy Care for Nervous Patients

We are thrilled to have been made a finalist for "The Best Care of Nervous Patients" at this year's Oral Health awards!

We always strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible when they visit the dentist, regardless of their past experiences. We are delighted that we have been made a finalist for this year oral health awards, and have our fingers crossed we will be deserving of the award itself!

Keep an eye out in next months newsletter to see how the awards went!

Implant A Tree? Where?

Implantatree Rescue!

Over the summer, our trees have become a little overgrown, to say the least! We have not been able to get the areas trimmed back as most machinery is far too cumbersome and destructive to be used around our young trees.

Thankfully with a recent acquisition of a brush cutter, we have been able to start revealing the trees again for a great start in the spring! You can see just how much overgrowth has had to be cut through and we have just a bit left to do!

A Real Pain in The Jaw!

Last week (26th -30th October) was Bruxism awareness week!

Bruxism is the unconscious action of grinding your teeth and is something that 80% of the population does!

Especially in times of stress, such as a global pandemic, you will find people starting to grind their teeth whilst asleep. This can have a number of side effects such as jaw joint pain, tooth wear and sometimes splitting of teeth (like the below)!

We have put a blog together to showcase exactly how to spot bruxism, the effects is can have and the best treatments to put it right. Just click the image below to read.

If you think you might be affected by bruxism, a nightguard is an inexpensive and effective way of stopping damage in its tracks. Just ask your dentist (us hopefully!)

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