September Newsletter

It's time for another update on the day to day goings-on within the practices. We've put together the most interesting bits from the last month to keep you up to date.

Delaying Dental Checkup's

To say we are busy at the moment is an understatement!

Of course, we aren't complaining but it certainly means we are stretched for time. With the current restrictions on us due to COVID, we are able to see fewer patients in a day as well as trying to catch up with our backlog from our period of closure.

This means that we are struggling to see everyone who needs us at the moment. At present some waits are as long as 6 weeks for more routine appointments.

Normally we send you a reminder every 6 months, but we will be extending this for the time being until things settle.

We have decided to delay our reminders for dental checkups until we are able to catch up with ourselves. We will still be carrying out routine treatment, but are just spacing this out where we can.

Should you need us for any problems or concerns we will, of course, see you when you need us, but we just wanted to let you know you may not have a reminder for your next checkup when you expect it.

Thank you all again for your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Are You Covered?

From now on you must wear masks in indoor spaces and shops. This includes when you have to visit us.

Please make your best effort to wear a mask when you visit us. We have some masks if you forget, but our supply is limited as you could imagine, so why not splash out on a funky design for us all to enjoy.

Remember we are also asking you to wait outside in your vehicle where possible, so you won't need to wear a mask for long.

Stay Safe!

A Smile Success

We love when a plan comes together!

This great smile was brought together in just 8 months using our clear dental aligner system, Invisalign.

Using a series of clear plastic aligners your teeth are gradually straightened practically invisibly and you don't need constant visits to the dentist (an even greater benefit at the moment!)

Invisalign is an awesome system to get a great smile, and like this recent case can be completed in as little as 6 months regardless of your age!

This patient certainly left smiling!

If you think you deserve a great smile too just click the image to see more about what we might be able to do for your smile.

Page last updated: 01 Oct 2020  8:43AM