Patient Preventative Care Program

The programme is designed to take the stress out of visiting the dentist and to save you money on your routine dental care.

It gives you an simple way to pay for your know treatments by breaking it down over the year as well as giving access to special benefits: ones we believe you will find valuable

By paying a small monthly fee you will help safeguard your future oral health, save you money and hopefully make you visits to us as easy and stress free as possible.

How Does It Work?

Preventative care helps to prevent possible problems in the future

By paying monthly for our care plan you are in essence paying upfront for your annual routine visits, as well as gaining access to a number of benefits that are not available to other patients. Similar to a gym membership.

Whether it be preferential appointment times, discounted treatments or timely access to dental advice. These are only available when you join our care program.

How Do I Get Started?

Applications are simple and you can rest assured knowing your care is paid for upfront

Our program, like all dental plans, is designed for all our patients who have recently completed a course of treatment with us.

Once you have decided that you are ready to join simply speak to any member of our team about joining our membership program! Once enrolled all benefits within your chosen membership level will be available to you.

Of course unlike conventional dental plans, our care program is entirely optional, and still can be used in association with our standard 'pay as you go' tariffs. The program also offers valuable benefits and discounts not available to non-members.

Page last updated: 25 Jun 2019  9:51AM