Benefits and Perks - What Do I Get?

The Preventative Care Program is broken down into three levels, each with its own benefits, perks and costs. This allows you to budget easily and pick the level that best works for you.

Below you can see our care programme levels and the entitlements that each provides.

Each level comes with different levels of savings and benefits so there will be a level to suit everyone. Each level is designed to save you money when compared to "pay as you go" rates and couldpotentially save you £100's.

Of course, once you select your program and sign up, you can start receiving the benefits immediately.

For a breakdown of how the benefits work see: Benefits Explained

Our Preventative Care programme provides you, at whatever level you choose, valuable benefits not available at any other practice.

No plan is comprehensive but this programme helps spread recurring known fees, give a piece of mind and saves you money off your routine dental costs.

All the benefits are interchangeable between both Herbrandston and Narberth practices and should ever the worst happen, advice and care are only a phone call away.

Looking to Join?

Joining our care program is easy, quick and is the best way to safeguard your oral health.

Arrange a call back from one of our team to get signed up in minutes!

Page last updated: 11 May 2023  9:35AM