Benefits of Membership Explained

Each level of membership comes with its own set of benefits. Below we have elaborated on each one to give full details and any terms that may be associated with each.

The benefits are inter changeable between either Herbrandston or Narberth and between our dentists. They are not transferrable and apply only to the named member.

Hotline advice can be extended to include advice on family members provided it is the member themself who contacts us and the family member is actively (within 12 months of being seen) registered to either of our practices. Advice cannot be given in regard to patients who have not been seen by us as patients or who are time expired. This is for medico-legal reasons.

Check Up and Scale and Polish

All of our memberships cover a number of routine examinations and standard 'scale and polish': the basic routine dental care required to maintain oral health.

If you have been with our practices for any length of time you will be familiar with these treatments: the quality of time spent and the thoroughness of each. They will continue at our highest level of patient care and are essential for maintaining your ongoing oral health.

These services may be done separately or consecutively at your preference. Additional examinations or periodontal/gum care treatments can be 'purchased' under our standard 'pay as you go' tariffs if requested.

Routine Screening X-Rays

This covers those routine x-rays that the dentist will take in order to ensure that there is no decay developing between your teeth, often referred to as 'bite wing' radiographs. These are generally taken every 2 - 3 years in adults with all or most of their natural teeth.

It also covers one emergency radiograph per treatment course for general diagnoses of specific dental problems, such as an abscess or general dental pathology. Any additional will be charged at standard 'pay as you go' tariffs.

Our Panoramic x-rays (OPT) are only covered within the Gold membership.

Emergency Dentist Hotline

This perk gives you access to an emergency out of hours dental hotline. You will be given a 'hotline' contact number. This number should ONLY be used by the member and ONLY in the event of requiring dental related advice in an actual emergency. Please DO NOT offer this number to a third party*.

The emergency number will put you in touch with a dentist who will be able to answer questions about any dental emergencies or concerns that you may have when you are unable to get in contact with the practice during normal working hours. The number will be inactive during these periods. The hotline number is NOT to be used for making or cancelling appointments.

In the event of a dentist not being immediately available, a message should be left clearly and slowly stating name of patient, the nature of the problem and a contact number. Lack of clarity will prevent contact so repetition of the number is a good idea. The dentist will then contact you as soon as they are able, and usually within the hour (unless extenuating circumstances apply).

*This number will we provided to you when you take out your chosen level of membership. The practice reserves the right to withdraw this benefit without refund of fee for the inappropriate use of this facility.

Emergency Call Outs

In the event of requiring the services of a dentist outside working hours, including weekends and public holidays most dentists, including ourselves charge a call out fee. This is currently set at £90 plus the cost of treatment.

Members on both Silver and Gold tiers have this benefit within the cost of membership.

This benefit is non transferrable and applies to named member only. It applies for emergency treatments only and excludes all treatments that could reasonably be left until the next working day. It includes relief of pain and helping trauma cases as well as those situations deemed by the dentist on contact to be needful of near immediate attention.

Members will be seen at the clinic closest to the attending dental surgeon: either Herbrandston or Narberth. This cover does not apply to members having to visit another practice, for example while on holiday.

It specifically does not cover:

  • The replacement, repair or recementing of crowns, bridges, veneers or dentures.
  • Replacing lost 'fillings' with anything other than temporary materials.
  • The actual cost of treatment undertaken unless you are a Gold member and the problem is deemed as 'trauma' related.

For a real case example of how this benefit works please see 'Emergency & Trauma Cover'

Trauma Cover

Patients under the Gold level of membership not only enjoy free emergency call outs of the dentist during non working hours but will have all fees waived if there is damage or injury of the teeth or supporting structures due to trauma*.

Treatments included under this benefit are:

  • The removal of teeth deemed non restorable, including those requiring surgical intervention.
  • The replacement of avulsed (knocked out) teeth as clinically appropriate.
  • The emergency splinting of teeth.
  • The direct restoration or build up of damaged teeth with permanent bonded directly placed restorative materials as best determined by the treating dentist (but not including mercury containing metal fillings unless clinically appropriate and with members's explicit consent). Repair is usually carried out in tooth coloured dental composite material.
  • The emergency stabilisation of dental health by means of pulpotomy or pulpectomy. Final root canal treatments, if advocated, are not covered under traumatic treatment cover but instead will be carried out at 50% of the 'pay as you go' tariff fee where loss of vitality was directly attributable to the evidenced trauma.
  • All 'first aid' treatment, including suturing if appropriate, of soft tissue lacerations or tears.
  • Appropriate management of hazards or possible airway obstructions.
  • Repair of single fracture to dentures resulting from external trauma (see exclusions)
  • All prescriptions or medications in relation to initial traumatic treatment.
  • All x-rays deemed clinically appropriate in diagnosing traumatic treatment.
  • Follow up reviews
  • All ongoing letters of referral to appropriate agencies on behalf of the trauma related problems.

What is not covered:

  • Traumatic damage to existing veneer, crown or bridgework including those on dental implants. Instead a 30% reduction on standard 'pay as you go' tariffs will be applied to indirect restorations if deemed attributable to the evidenced trauma (prosthesis with evidenced decay or ongoing pathology excluded).
  • Replacing fractured dentures. Where a denture has been obviously fractured due to external trauma (non biting trauma), there is a single fracture and both pieces can be accurately located together then this repair will be covered under the Member's trauma cover. No other repair types or replacements of dentures are covered.
  • The final provision of direct prosthesis (veneer, denture, crown, ridge or implant) to restore damaged teeth after initial trauma care has been completed.
  • Any trauma intervention or care carried out by a dentist other than those working for or within our practices at either Herbrandston or Narberth.

For a real case example of how this benefit works please see ''Emergency & Trauma Cover'

* Trauma is defined as damage caused as a direct result of force, impact or blow to the affected area of the mouth from an external source and does not include teeth compromised in health or strength due to dental disease or sub quality dental treatment. Damage to biting down on a hard object such as a piece of bone is covered (subject to the above conditions) provided that there was no pre-existing pathology or decay to the affected tooth.

Treatment Discounts

Within the scope of membership, to help our patients, we include within silver and gold categories, discounted treatments on fillings. 'Fillings' or dental restorations are defined as those tooth restorations that are used to directly repair a tooth and do not cover indirect restorations such as veneers, crowns, bridges or inlays. Nor does it include root treatments although it does cover any core build up or direct restoration required as part of these cases.

These would be considered traditional restorative treatments following damage caused to the tooth through decay or fracture. Discounts apply to all materials used although it is rare for our dentists to use materials containing mercury. As a result, unless there are specific clinical criteria requiring otherwise, all fillings are amalgam and mercury free. This means that the majority of fillings placed in our patients are non toxic, environmentally safe, composite white fillings, something which we believe is appropriate in modern dentistry.

Members Special Offers

Regardless of your level of membership, you will receive access to special offers and events exclusive to our members. We hope these benefits will prove useful to you.

This includes a member's discount with partner businesses and companies who opt into our scheme. A full updated list of these businesses can be found here.

If you own a business that would like to offer a special benefit to our members for the benefit of free advertising to our membership group and within the practices proper then why not contact us on 01646 690580 so we can include your details.

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