Emergency Membership Cover

One of the most notable options, and generally unique among dental plans of this type, is the availability of an Emergency Dental Hotline. This is available throughout the membership tiers and allows a more timely access to dental advice and treatment. So valuable is this it could save you hours waiting around in A&E if you have trauma or a severe dental problem.

This is complimented within our higher tier memberships with Emergency Call Out Cover and Trauma cover.

All of these benefits combined, such as in our Gold Membership, can be a real 'life saver' should you need to claim them as the example below illustrates.

What would you do if the worst were to happen?

Take the actual case of one 12 year old girl.

She fell over and hit her face against a tree stump causing her upper front adult tooth to become totally displaced (See Picture on Left).

What did she do?

She attended A&E where they wished to remove the tooth!

Luckily Mum & Dad knew that if this happened, their little girl would have no front tooth... ever! She would have a denture for life.

Her Mother then contacted us via our emergency hotline at 2230hrs on a Saturday night.

She was taken from A&E and seen by Dr Boulcott at Herbrandston. The tooth was reimplanted under gentle local anaesthetic, the mouth was checked for further undiagnosed trauma and ongoing care was scheduled.

The little girl STILL has both her front teeth and is very happy

Cost to Patient

  • Access to Dentist for emergency advice: £30
  • Call out fee Saturday night: £100
  • Treatment carried out as an emergency: £180
  • Follow up fee: £30

Total £340

Cost of this Emergency on our Gold Level Plan - £0

You can never know when the next emergency may occur, and even having access to a highly qualified and experienced dentist through our Bronze level program can be invaluable in making sure you get the most appropriate treatment in the case of an emergency. Without such access, help at an A&E department is minimal and they may even refuse to see you if they have no dental expertise available: which is, sadly, more than likely.

If this sounds like something you could need call us today on

01646 690580 for more information on how to apply.

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