Your First Appointment

We excel in making dental visits as comfortable as possible

Our purpose is to help all of our dental patients feel relaxed and comfortable with their smiles, in a way that another dentist may never have.

We take our time to understand exactly what you want and help you get there with expert dentistry and advice every step of the way.

As a new patient, your most important appointment is the first one. This is when we meet for the first time, aim to build confidence and of course discuss the future of your smile.

So we always begin our initial consultation with a chat. To find out about how you feel about your mouth and teeth, and what you want. No unpleasant poking or discomfort, just a calm and caring approach to see how we can get you smiling.

96% of our patients refer their friends and family to us

Meet Your New Dental Team

Once you feel comfortable with your new dentist, we can carry out a full dental examination. This is where we can take a closer look at any dental problems you might have, or discuss more about what you are looking for in your smile.

Our team has experts in various types of dentistry, ranging from complete smile restorations, dental braces, dental anxiety or just routine care.

No matter your situation, we make the whole experience as pleasant as possible.

Your dentist will then discuss with you any problems they might have found in the exam and takes photographs of your mouth so you can see for yourself. We want you to be a part of the process, and work together on your smile.

The Next Steps

The purpose of your first dental appointment is to assess your needs and come up with a treatment plan you agree with.

This is very important to us: ensuring you are involved in your own treatment decisions, with your dentist providing you with all the information and explanations you require in order to reach your decision.

You will always be fully aware of the costs involved, and we do our best to work at a schedule that works best for you. You are in control.

Once you are happy with the plan, we can get started on getting your new smile at your next appointment.

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