Your First Appointment

All of your visits are designed to be as stress free and relaxing as possible

To us, one of your most important appointments is your very first one: the time when we get to meet each other for the first time.

You as a patient may have many fears: some based on previous dental treatment, some on how they were treated by the previous staff either through poor communication, roughness of tone or perhaps even on how the bill was presented!

We are aware of how all these concerns can affect your dental experience and aim overcome any bad 'dental history' you might have.

So we always begin our initial consultation with a chat. To find out about how you feel about your mouth and teeth.

Meet Your Team

After you are happy and relaxed, we will then carry out a full dental examination, including looking at joints and soft tissues and go over any concerns or questions you might have about your mouth.

With the use of dental X-rays we can also look between teeth to spot any decay before it becomes an issue.

Once done , your dentist will then discuss with you any problems they might have found in the exam and can take photographs of your mouth so you can see for yourself. This allows your greater understanding, acceptance and appropriate consent.

Your treatment options will always be discussed in detail and a personalised plan of treatment drawn up to to suit both your expectations and your budget.

You will be given the choice of all available options together with costs so you can come to an informed choice. This is very important to us : ensuring you are involved in your own treatment decisions, with your dentist providing you with all the information and explanations you require in order to reach your decision.

We Guarantee Your First Appointment Will Meet Your Expectations, Or your Money Back

What Happens Next

Subsequent Appointments

Once a course of treatment has been agreed (In a time frame suitable to you) we will endeavour to do it to the best of our abilities with negligible discomfort or inconvenience to yourself.

The affable and friendly manners of all our dental surgeons and our staff will ensure a pleasant experience. Remember, all our dentists are highly qualified with a wide range of experience and clinical expertise.

All of our dentists have worked hard to get where they are, and they all take great pride in their work and the fact our patients appreciate the time we spend with each one of them.

In fact most of our patients come to us through other patients recommendations, something we feel is the highest form of praise.

98% of our patients would refer their friends and family to see us!

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