Our Practices

We have two state of the art dental practices: one in Herbrandston (Milford Haven) and the other in Narberth


Our Herbrandston Practice opened and started treating its first patients in June 2004 with its expansion 10 years later into Narberth. Both practices work as a single entity to provide the highest quality care and service for all our patients: those registered with us and those referred to us from their own dentist or via their personal desire to have a specific treatment carried out.

We often work closely with other dentists whether they be NHS or Private in order to coordinate treatments and allow all parties involved to coordinate treatment.

In fact we currently receive referrals from all around Pembrokeshire, Cardiganshire and Carmarthenshire.

Practice Facilities

  • Both Practices have a ground floor reception with no steps and are ideal for both able-body and disabled access.
  • The dental lounges are fitted with comfortable chairs and are tastefully furnished. There are free WiFi facilities available within reception and complimentary beverages offered.
  • There is a controlled appointment system designed so that no patient should be kept waiting without good reason (for more than a few minutes) and we have a patient recall system to remind you when you are due to come back and visit us again.
  • The Surgeries are fitted out with modern dental chairs equipped with the latest dental technology including an intraoral camera systems to allow patients to see, and understand, their own dental problems.
  • The Practice caters to the highest standards in cross infection control and patient safety. We have on site ultrasonic cleaning baths and sterilisers: including vacuum steralisers for surgical equipment. We use disposable (single use) items wherever possible.
  • There is a broadband dental link to consultants throughout this country and abroad. The computers have specialist software to allow the design and manufacture of various dental products and we can even carry out elaborate orthodontic work (braces) for both children and adults in collaboration with specialist companies operating within the UK and the USA.
  • The dental surgeons have access to specialist equipment used for the provision of dental implants, dental sporting mouthguards, whitening of teeth and carrying out even the most complex dental root canal treatments.
  • We have surgical microscopes and other forms of illuminated magnification to ensure that our work is done to the very highest of standards.
  • Every member of the practice regularly attends postgraduate training to ensure we are all kept current with modern dental treatment materials and techniques
  • Each surgery in both practices work as a team with regular peer review and team discussions. This allows a multi-disciplinary approach to our most complex dental and cosmetic cases ensuring our patients gets the benefits of our combined knowledge and experience.

We are truly different from other practices.

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