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Treatment With Us

Routine Care

Your routine dental care and maintenance is very important.

Many patients leave their problems, or are totally unaware of any problems until they become much more difficult to fix.

Instead we use routine examinations to ensure spot any minor problems and fix them before they develop: the damage being easily, painlessly and cheaply repaired.

Your teeth are precious. Ask anyone with missing teeth, dentures are no good substitute and other forms of treatment may be far more expensive. Wait, and minor problems become more complex, more expensive and may possibly result in you experiencing discomfort or pain.

Don't wait. We would be delighted to show you what modern dentistry can do to help you.

Gum Treatment & Cancer Screenings

Very often patients neglect their gums when considering oral health. This then leads to gum loss, bad breath, bleeding and ultimately loss of teeth.

Additionally oral Cancers are the third most common type of cancer in the UK and is on the rise. It is very difficult to treat beyond the early stages making it very important to spot early on.

At Herbrandston & Narberth we look for signs of both conditions at every dental examination including checks for lips, cheeks, tongue and throat for any tell-tale signs (that can often be very subtle) of early cancer or any condition that may turn to cancer. Your gums are checked to track any changes year on year to spot any signs of gum loss.

You will also see that intra-oral (in mouth) photographs are used to record any changes and to facilitate monitoring of your mouth. This is all routine to us but very important.

These checks are also especially important in our elder patients, regardless of if they have teeth or not. You may think this peculiar if you wear dentures, but these soft tissue checks are greatly beneficial for spotting those early signs.

Unhappy With Your Smile?

If you have always had that feeling that your smile could be better, or if you feel embarrassed to smile, do not worry modern dentistry means that you no longer have to resign yourself to having a smile you are not proud of.

We are happy to see anyone in order to offer advice on their smile. We receive referrals from all over the County and beyond, from other dental surgeons who feel they cannot help their patients and would wish us to provide a second opinion, a treatment plan or even to carry out restorative treatment.

We as a practice are able to do this because we can tie various dental disciplines together under one roof: Cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants, dental sedation and many other skill forms that may be requested or required within a single complex case.

We love the challenge and are sure that we can help you transform your 'Sad Smile' into great looking teeth, regardless of problem, age or even location.

Our Philosophy

Your smile tells the world a lot about yourself! It is the gateway to self confidence: a measure from which we all, unconsciously , assess each others health.

The mouth imparts our expressions and is a sensitive, and sensual, part of our body. It deserves your attention and if 'unwell' deserves the best of treatment.

Our Practice Philosophy has always been to give our patients the highest standard of care : to attend to their dental needs in a friendly and congenial atmosphere. Why not contact us to see what we might be able to do for you? It is a call you will not regret!

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