Anxious Patients

Are You Worried About Visiting The Dentist

We aim to always have our patients smiling

Anxiety or fear of the dentist is a perfectly natural and understandable condition.

Many people, because of their anxieties, do not seek out dental treatment until they are in pain.

Treatment is then limited, often involving the removal of a tooth. This may not be seen as particularly nice and so a patient may feel more anxious at their next visit. This is a horrible cycle that we try to stop.

What Can We Do To Help You?

In our practices we 'specialise' in treating people with these dental fears.

You will not only find the dentist and staff friendly and understanding towards your needs but the whole atmosphere relaxing and unique.

Both of our practices are located within beautiful areas of Pembrokeshire, either in wonderfully aesthetic countryside or quaint market towns, a fact in itself helpful in conveying a relaxed unhurried approach to dentistry.

Further to this, however, all our clinicians have many years of experience in relaxation techniques ranging from dental hypnosis to intravenous sedation and we even employ some more unorthodox and unique methods of making you as relaxed as possible.

Learn How We Look After Our Most Anxious Dental Patients

Find out how we look after our most nervous patients and get them smiling with confidence again with our free downloadable guide.

Dental Sedation

What is Dental Sedation

Sedation is the use of drugs to achieve relaxation. If a dental treatment is deemed too much for a patient to cope with then we have the option to administer sedative drugs (Midazolam) via a vein usually in the back of the hand.

This approach is very effective. You are not asleep but you are generally oblivious or unaware as to what is happening. You lose your fears and not only do you become unconcerned with what is happening but also normally have no memory of the events after the procedure.

Few dental surgeons offer this service and none now offer the old option of 'gas' or 'putting to sleep' unless they are in a hospital. The reason is simply that of patient safety.

Within the practice we have a number of expert dentists who are able to carry out sedation in house, without the need for referrals or long waiting lists.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely. When performed by expert dentists like ourselves, this procedure is completely safe.

You are constantly monitored by one of our nurses throughout the procedure so you can be reassured that you are in safe hands. We are even able to reverse the sedation should the need arise.

Animal Assisted Therapy

We are well know for being a little different when it comes to dentistry, and this is certainly the case with our animal assisted therapy.

By using animals in our calm and tranquil settings we are able to make many fears dissolve and start to regain some of the trust that you may have lost in your dentist.

To see exactly how it works and if you think it could work for you as well click HERE

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