General And Preventative Dental Care

Keep Yourself Smiling

Your ongoing dental health is the most important thing to us. That's why we have adopted a refined preventative approach within the practice.

Many patients leave their problems, or are totally unaware of any problems until they become much more difficult to fix.

Instead we use regular routine examinations to ensure we spot any minor problems and fix them before they develop.

By addressing any dental issues we find early, we help to avoid more complicated and expensive treatments in the future. This saves you discomfort and money.

By maintaining your oral health with us, we aim to make sure you can keep smiling for years to come.

What Do We Look For In A Dental Checkup?

There are a number of factors we look for during an examination and they don't just involve teeth.

Initially we get an idea of what already exists in your mouth, whether you are missing any teeth, have any fillings or dental work and let us see if there have been any changes since your last visit.

After checking your teeth comes the gums and soft tissue checks.

During these checks, your dentist will be on the lookout for any areas that seems sore, inflamed or discoloured on your gums and cheeks. This is important, as it lets us spot anything nasty before it becomes a major problem.

These checks all add together to make sure that we can give you the full picture - helped in a large way by means of the small dedicated cameras that we use within the mouth - ensuring you aware of any problems...... before they become real problems!

How Often Should You Have A Dental Check-up?

Some very lucky people only have to visit us every 18 - 24 months, whilst others need more frequent checks every 3 months.

This all depends on how healthy your teeth and gums are, your risk of future problems and any problems you may have had in the past. Your dentist will always let you know what time-frame is best for you.

Generally, the lower your risk of dental problems, the longer you can wait before your next check-up.

Access To A Wider Range Of Dental Treatments

We spend the time to make sure you have a treatment plan you are happy with

At Herbrandston and Narberth Dental Health Practices we offer a wide range of treatments: many of which are not offered by NHS dentists or private dentists without specific skills.

Many of our dentists have additional qualifications above that of a general practitioner allowing a wide range of advanced treatments. Things like Dental Implants, Orthodonticsand advanced Restorative Dentistry are all carried out within the practice.

This means that you will be seen by the dentist best suited to provide your treatment, something that makes us unique among dentists. We are able to keep all treatments in-house, without the need for referrals or long waiting lists.

But don't worry you will always see your preferred dentist for routine treatment, ensuring there is always a friendly face when you visit.

  • Fantastic dental practice. I have been a regular dental attender all my life but never told of my bad gums or why they were getting worse. On my first visit to Narberth I was shown photographs of the problem and given clear explanation of how bad the situation was becoming. Treatment was proactive, pain free and I feel my whole mouth is so much better. I will never go anywhere else again! Jeff Blain
  • It has certainly changed my life. No More tears and I came down for a check-up last year, and everything was fine. A Clean bill Of Health. Dot Davies
  • I had been self conscious about my teeth for some time. I was amazed at what Mark was able to do and everyone at the practice was great every time i visited. The process was really easy, and you couldn't even see them when they were in, much better than traintracks! Ellen Picton
  • I did not like my smile and my previous dentist would not help me. I visited Dr Boulcott who, using Invisalign, straightened my teeth. I am so delighted with the results and now I am thinking about whitening my teeth. I would recommend Herbrandston Dental Health Practice - they are such nice people and really know what they are doing Hannah Williams
  • Since I’ve been here I’ve been pleased. Bit of a Laugh with Mark And Petra every time. Enjoyed the service and always thorough. Dai Evans
  • I first contacted the Practice having lived with raging toothache for several months. They fitted me in straight way and my abscess was sorted within days. All this treatment was pain free and in a relaxed atmosphere due to caring and gentle nature of my dentist. I highly recommend this surgery to absolutely anyone. Julia Hughes
  • Very friendly and professional practice really made me feel at ease about being at the dentist, after suffering from server tooth pain for weeks and getting nowhere with my NHS dentist these guys fitted me in asap and really took care of me. Massive Thank You! Anne Lewis
  • "I cannot believe how fantastic my smile now is. I just love it and feel so much more happy and confident" Helen Lucas

Preventative Dentistry

Our main aim is to provide you with relaxing, pain and trouble free dentistry.

We pride ourselves on spotting trouble before it even starts and for caring for your dental health in a friendly and welcome atmosphere.

Our dental team believes that people should have healthy mouths and attractive teeth for a lifetime.

Through routine dental checkups and expert advice and care, we always aim to keep your teeth in their best condition, so you can keep on smiling.

The prevention of dental and gum disease is far less costly than the repeated cycle of breakdown and repair, and certainly more enjoyable for all concerned. We believe that compromising on procedures or materials for the sake of economy can result in higher costs in terms of time, effort and discomfort. Our tailored approach to providing you with the dental care you need means you can enjoy high quality private dentistry in a welcoming atmosphere to ensure long term oral health. - Dr Mark Boulcott BDS MFGDP RCS (UK)

Our Philosophy

Our Practice Philosophy has always been to give our patients the highest standard of care : to attend to their dental needs in a friendly and congenial atmosphere.

We are highly rated by our patients and have won multiple awards for our caring and thoughtful approach to dentistry. We also routinely feature in Dental journals and national publications so you can be sure of the results you can expect with us.

Our Experience

Many of our dentists have additional qualifications above that of a general practitioner allowing a wide range of advanced treatments. Things like Dental Implants, Orthodontics and advanced Restorative Dentistry are all carried out within the practice.

You can see more about our team here, along with their qualifications and experience.

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