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Teeth Straightening

The Art Of Getting A Straight Smile

Have you every found yourself disliking the appearance of your crooked, overlapping or spaced teeth or just wish you had the chance to have them straightened when you were younger - the optimum time to do so, but not the only time.

Now you can have your teeth straightened easily and predictably no matter your age, in a way that is comfortable, convenient and almost unnoticeable.

In recent years there has been a tide of revolutionary techniques into the world of straightening teeth.

No longer is there just the traditional fixed braces, with a lengthy treatment process and potentially unstable final results. Now you can look forward to new technologies created by forward thinking clinicians looking for the very best for you.

Within the practice we have many years of orthodontic experience and have repeatedly questioned the need for not only lengthy and unpredictable treatments but also the rationale of having to remove teeth to create space.

After all, who wants to have 4 healthy teeth removed for no reason?

Most importantly over 95% of the Practices cases are done WITHOUT removing teeth.

So, with treatments such as the Invisalign system below, we can now produce stable, predictable, great smiles not within years but within months. With a process that is far more comfortable, far quicker and for a cost not much more than standard orthodontic appliances.

With the advent of computer aided design & manufacture we are now able to offer more comfortable and more aesthetically pleasing alternatives: the clear brace.

These work through a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that no one can tell you're wearing.

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Digital Impressions

Making the process easy, no goop and no gagging.

Our Digital Scanner, Making Impressions Easy

Within the practice, we have invested in a state of the art digital impression unit, that is able to scan your mouth in minutes and present a 3D digital representation of your mouth.

This means that we no longer have to take impressions with putty, that many of our patients have found unpleasant in the past. No longer is there any goop or cleanup to deal with, and we are able to get a fast accurate, impression on the day without having to wait on labs.

Throughout the process you can breathe and swallow as normal, and we can even pause the procedure if you need a break or to ask a question.

The system works particularly well with Invisalign and, through in built software, we can even simulate what your post orthodontic smile could look like on the day.

Now taking the first step in getting your perfect smile really has never been easier.

Fixed or Removable - What You Need to Know

The Invisalign System

Invisalign® can give you the beautiful straight teeth you've always wanted.

Many thousands of patients of all ages have already benefited from treatment in America where it was introduced well over a decade ago. We were one of the first UK dental surgeons to use this system (2004) and are undertaking ever more cases here at Herbrandston & Narberth - simple or complex - either with the full Invisalign system the 'Teen' system or, for more simple cases, a 'Lite" system where we keep the costs low.

Invisalign 'aligners' (the clear braces that are simply clicked on to your teeth) work by exerting a small amounts of pressure. This slowly, without harm, moves your teeth into a position designed at outset by computer: each aligner inserted for a 2 week duration.

You even have the chance to see what the final result will look like BEFORE we actually start treatment by means of CAD/CAM computer generated images of your own mouth.

Advantages of the Invisalign system

  • We can communicate with orthodontic specialists throughout the world with virtual computer models. This means our patients do not have to travel anywhere other than to see us for treatment.
  • It is comfortable
  • You need far fewer visits to the dentist as you change the aligners yourself fortnightly.
  • They can be removed to clean or when you do not wish to wear them.
  • When worn are virtually invisible and barely detectable to the observant eye.
We go to great lengths to ensure all our orthodontic patients get the results they desire. Great healthy looking smiles is an aspiration we can all achieve and an uneven smile is just waiting to be made perfect with Invisalign. Our customer service in this regard is next to none and we have Whatclinic awards for such from 2010 \- 2016 inclusive. - Dr Mark Boulcott BDS

We have a special relationship with all our orthodontic patients - whether they are children with overcrowded mouths or adults wishing to have a wonderfully natural looking smile. We take great pleasure in the success of our treatments and enjoy the final results as much as our patients.

We take pride in being entirely ethical: no hidden costs, no tricks, no hard sell. Simple plain speaking with all inclusive packages.

Other dentists may, rarely, quote cheaper but they often have less experience, will include teeth removal as the mainstay of their treatment plan and charge an additional fee for every visit. We simply quote for an all inclusive treatment plan that finishes when the patient tells us they are happy with the final result.

We Guarantee all our results and in the case of Invisalign, will show you these results before we even start!

Interested? Contact us today via phone, email or our contact form for a FREE orthodontic consultation.

Do not say yes to anyone else's treatment plan unless you have spoken to us first! You will save time, inconvenience, money and probably avoid unnecessary tooth removal by doing so. We look forward to meeting with you.

Fixed Orthodontics

Fixed appliances commonly referred to as 'train tracks' by many schoolchildren, are the mainstay of British NHS or Specialty orthodontics.

In many cases, these days, they are largely becoming superseded by either clear, near invisible systems such as Invisalign (see above) or fixed braces working on completely new physiological principles.

The latter includes systems such as Inman, '6 month smiles' and the Fastbraces system. While technologically more sophisticated they all have their limitations: in speed, complexity of fit, comfort, predictability and hygiene.

Simple systems work by tipping the teeth into a 'correct position' but these often do not look right and can be a causative factor of gum recession later in life. Most fixed systems physically move the whole tooth into the correct position. This has many advantages:

  • It can, to a certain degree, correct the actual shape or discrepancy of the jaw. It avoids the need to remove healthy teeth for the purposes of creating space.
  • These appliances create their own space - no longer do we have to tell a young child they must have 4 teeth removed! This final position is far more stable and this reduces markedly the problem of teeth moving back to poor positions a few years after treatment and reduces the need to wear retainers.

Modern fixed appliances can not only move teeth more reliably and predictably than traditional fixed braces but can also be faster: typically 1/2 of the treatment time of standard fixed braces. The big drawback is at the refinement phase where small precise movements are made to create 'smile perfection' can be less predictable and can take time.

No system is, in our opinion, as accurate, stable or as quick as the Invisalign system but we have two dentists who have worked extensively in teeth straightening . Together they can advise best about what system is best in your particular case and budget.

We are here to help you on the path to a great smile: adults and children all welcome. You are never to old to have a great smile!

Confused about your Options? Get our Free Guide

Get our free guide outlining the basics of Teeth Straightening , how the process works and the stages involved. Download Today and get your questions answered.


We cannot do these treatments under the funding of the NHS due to being a completely private practice.

We do however have the advantage of no waiting lists, no referrals and fast and precise results using the latest orthodontic technology.

Waiting times for NHS orthodontics often cause a child to loose out on treatment at the optimal time: the growth period typical between 12 and 14 years of age!

Our costs

Orthodontics, no matter where you are treated, is expensive. The materials, the appliances, the time, the number of visits to the dentist: they all add up.

Before the beginning of treatment you will be offered an 'all inclusive' costing of all expected treatment. Every patient will be talked through in detail what to expect by way of treatment and cost.

Our costs vary from around £500 to as much as £4500 depending on complexity, treatment required and system used.

What we can say is that our prices are very competitive and fair often better than most orthodontic tariffs set by dental practices throughout Wales.

At both Narberth & Herbrandston we charge these fees for State of the Art treatments and this is inclusive of all models, x-rays, examinations, ongoing reviews and even minor corrections if at the end it is just not quite as perfect as we had planned!

We even guarantee all results from our Invisalign treatments

To find out more, simply contact us on 01646 690580 and ask for a FREE orthodontic consultation appointment.

This will be free and carried out by a dentist experienced in orthodontic treatments. It will take around 20 minutes.

At that time you will be advised as to an approximate treatment cost subject to any x-ray and study model analysis that may be required later. At least you will have all your orthodontic questions answered: a valuable tool if you wish a second opinion and it will have cost you nothing.

You may even feel we are the right clinic to treat you or your family member and that is our aim: to look after you and yours for as long as you would all wish to visit with us.

One Cost From Start To Finish

Our Costs include all visits and treatment in relation to the agreed orthodontic plan, excluding retainers at the end of your treatment.

Actual costs will always be quoted after a full orthodontic assessment including the need to take models and x-rays. Costs will vary depending on type, complexity and duration of treatment and can only be given after a full orthodontic examination by our Dentists.

You can rest assured know that you will never be hit by an unexpected cost!

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Confused about your Options? Get our Free Guide

Get our free guide outlining the basics of Teeth Straightening , how the process works and the stages involved. Download Today and get your questions answered.

Dental Orthopaedics

Dental Orthopaedics is simply changing the size, shape, and relationship of the bones of the face and jaws to create symmetry and balance.

This concept of Orthopedics suggests that dental overcrowding is not due to there being too many teeth, but to the fact that facial growth has not reached its full genetic and growth potential. It takes into consideration airway issues, upper and lower jaw relationship and proper tongue position.

Special appliances can be worn by the growing child to help painlessly and effectively with the jaw growth.

These are comfortable, simple and act to 'expand' the jaw to its proper growth so the teeth fit the jaw. It is a great technique that prevents, in most cases, the need for teeth extractions. It is ideal for teeth crowding conditions in the teenager.

So, has your child has been told teeth are needed to be extracted by an orthodontist?

STOP! ..... Arrange a visit with us here at to see whether a better and more patient friendly solution is available!


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