Restorative Dentistry - Dental Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Get Your Smile Back With Experts In Restoring Smiles

Sometimes, despite best efforts, our smile is not as good as we might like or it has degraded over time.

This can often result in you smiling less, having less confidence at work and with friends or just generally making you unhappy.

Restoring or creating the smile of your dreams is always possible. Sometimes using complex dentistry but also often through small or subtle changes that may not be nearly as expensive as you might think.

We Want All Our Patients To Leave Smiling

We have an expert dental team that can give you a complete smile makeover

Existing teeth shapes and colours can be repaired or altered by using white fillings. You can restore broken or weak teeth with beautiful porcelain dental crowns and bridges to match other teeth in your mouth, handcrafted by local dental labs.

This can also include various treatments such as Dental Veneers to mask or enhance a tooth, Dental Crowns to improve shape, colour and strength of a tooth or Dental Bridges: to replace multiple missing teeth.

These treatments can restore your smile to something to be proud of.

With help of our caring dentists, we have patients smiling all around Pembrokeshire.

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Often known as caps, crowns are carefully fitted metal or ceramic sleeves that are designed to fit over an existing tooth.

Dental Crowns are used when a tooth is not longer suitable for a dental filling, either due to being broken down or just too weak on its own. The crown is a protective cover that is designed to look just like a natural tooth.

Using a number of crowns together can created amazing smile restorations, replacing fragile or discoloured teeth, all whilst prolonging the tooth's natural lifespan.

Dental Crowns can also be used if you have no natural teeth. In conjunction with Dental Implants or as part of a dental bridge we can replace missing teeth. Both options replacing dentures, improving smile appearance and of course giving you confidence to bite and smile again.

Dental Bridges are very similar to crowns, except they are made up of multiple teeth that span a gap. This allows you to replace a missing tooth in your smile, without the need of a denture. They also prevents the neighbouring teeth from moving: a problem if a gap is simply left after a tooth is lost.

Why Would I Need A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is often needed if a tooth is particularly weak or had been damaged in some way. Often this is due to decay, so you may find a previously filled tooth that has deteriorated or substantially weakened, may require a dental crown.

Similarly if you have had a tooth heavily filled, or have received a root canal treatment you may find that after time a dental crown may be suggested by your dentist to avoid the risk of tooth breakdown or fracture under normal biting conditions.

A crown will help to prevent any worsening of a worn tooth, stopping wear and tear as well a providing reinforcement if a tooth is fragile.

What Makes Us Different From Other Dentists?

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  • Fantastic dental practice. I have been a regular dental attender all my life but never told of my bad gums or why they were getting worse. On my first visit to Narberth I was shown photographs of the problem and given clear explanation of how bad the situation was becoming. Treatment was proactive, pain free and I feel my whole mouth is so much better. I will never go anywhere else again! Jeff Blain
  • It has certainly changed my life. No More tears and I came down for a check-up last year, and everything was fine. A Clean bill Of Health. Dot Davies
  • I had been self conscious about my teeth for some time. I was amazed at what Mark was able to do and everyone at the practice was great every time i visited. The process was really easy, and you couldn't even see them when they were in, much better than traintracks! Ellen Picton
  • I did not like my smile and my previous dentist would not help me. I visited Dr Boulcott who, using Invisalign, straightened my teeth. I am so delighted with the results and now I am thinking about whitening my teeth. I would recommend Herbrandston Dental Health Practice - they are such nice people and really know what they are doing Hannah Williams
  • Since I’ve been here I’ve been pleased. Bit of a Laugh with Mark And Petra every time. Enjoyed the service and always thorough. Dai Evans
  • I first contacted the Practice having lived with raging toothache for several months. They fitted me in straight way and my abscess was sorted within days. All this treatment was pain free and in a relaxed atmosphere due to caring and gentle nature of my dentist. I highly recommend this surgery to absolutely anyone. Julia Hughes
  • Very friendly and professional practice really made me feel at ease about being at the dentist, after suffering from server tooth pain for weeks and getting nowhere with my NHS dentist these guys fitted me in asap and really took care of me. Massive Thank You! Anne Lewis
  • "I cannot believe how fantastic my smile now is. I just love it and feel so much more happy and confident" Helen Lucas

White Fillings

The staple of dentistry, this is effectively "filling" a hole (once the decay is removed) with a material that takes the place of the missing teeth material.

These are made of a high strength ceramic or plastic, that mimics the appearance of your natural teeth.

They are sculptable and if placed well can be nearly indistinguishable to your natural teeth. They are high strength and can often last 10 years or more even on crushing back teeth.

This is the type of filling that is most often used within the practice as it is both up to task and aesthetically pleasing.

As a result our patients can expect the highest quality of care and outcome. Patients will see their finished work (before and after) by means of small cameras so they can comment and ensure that the work is as good as they might expect without defects, and looking good.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are a type of restorative dentistry that are similar to crowns, they cover your existing teeth to hide problems you may have and can give a white bright smile.

Depending on your situation and what your dentist suggests there are two main types of veneers available to patients

Composite Veneers

Layers of dental composite (Dental filling material) are applied directly to the tooth surface. This covers any damage or cracks that may be present and is best suited for teeth with only minor damage.

This treatment can typically be carried out in one appointment, saving any repeated visits.

Porcelain Veneers

These veneers are hand made by dental technicians out of the same material as dental crowns. They are made to look just like natural teeth, and are hard to distinguish once fitted.

Similar to dental crowns some of the tooth needs to be removed, however once placed they provide a strong and beautiful smile.

Risks With Veneers

Veneers are a quick and effective solutions to single or multiple 'ugly' teeth but do have drawbacks.

Poorly made veneers can look unappealing: dark colours underneath can shine through and there is often some preparation required of the tooth, damaging the natural tooth surface.

There is also the fact that, like false finger nails, they can come off when least desired or expected.

As a result, this type of treatment is rarely ideal for most patients despite being the 'celebrity' choice. They require careful consideration if they are to work well in the long term and our dentists are best placed to give you advice on this if you are looking for this type of treatment option.

Our Experience

Many of our dentists have additional qualifications above that of a general practitioner allowing a wide range of advanced treatments. Things like Dental Implants, Orthodontics and advanced Restorative Dentistry are all carried out within the practice.

You can see more about our team here, along with their qualifications and experience.

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