Teeth Whitening

A Brilliant White Smile Everyone Can Appreciate

Whitening your teeth is not just cosmetic process, it improves your smile and makes you feel more confident about your smile. People associate a nice white smile with positive opinions about that person. No one enjoys seeing ugly teeth and the use of teeth whitening is perhaps one of the easiest ways to achieve a lovely smile.

We are judged every day on how we look. Not in just in how we dress or behave. We all unconsciously decide, we all make judgments, we all choose to like or dislike depending on what we see. We look first at eyes and teeth. Above all a friendly person is determined by their smile. No one trusts without seeing a smile. It is a basic human instinct. Take pride in your smile and if it is wanting: well we are here to make things better - Dr Mark Boulcott
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Our Teeth Whitening Systems

Our systems have been specifically selected to :

  • Produce a reliable and predictable whitening throughout the tooth.
  • To be safe to the teeth themselves
  • To minimise any sensitivity
  • To be long acting

Tooth Whitening systems can work for everyone, and works particularly well for those with yellow or aging teeth and teeth made yellow through smoking or through diet.

There are 2 main systems we use:

  1. A home based system using protocols designed by Dr Boulcott to give predictable whitening over several weeks or months depending on the severity of discolouration.
  2. A surgery based system where the teeth are predictably, safely and comfortably whitened in the dental surgery (after a 14 night home treatment) using a bio active plasma light *.

The choice is dependant on budget, speed and to some extent the degree of whiteness requested of the patient and is best discussed with the dentist who will recommend the system best for your individual needs.

*This light replaces the less safe, and less effective, laser light sources used still in some dental practices. Plasma light is very intense yet covers a larger area than a laser light. It is used with certain tooth whitening gels to optimise result and increase speed of whitening without harming the teeth.

How Does It Work?

Teeth whitening is an oxidation technique similar in essence to bleaching your hair. Peroxides are used of various types but there is large variation in the application, strength and technique.

Here at Herbrandston we insist on using high quality branded products with excellent associated research for wither our at home or in surgery whitening treatments.

We have been carrying out cosmetic and medical teeth whitening procedures for many years. The materials have evolved from harsh bleaching products that potentially harmed teeth and gums to today's sophisticated re hydrating systems designed to minimise discomfort and give predictable, satisfying results.

Our current protocols involve preparing the teeth slowly with a weak carbamide-peroxide gel over 2 weeks, at home. Once prepared the teeth are then ready for an uplifting of colour by means of light activated hydrogen peroxide gels.

This is done within the surgery under controlled conditions by exposing the material to intense blue plasma generated light while it rests on the teeth. The results can be amazing and, to this date, we have never had a disappointed patient.

Are There Cheaper Ways To Whiten Teeth?

Yes, there are always cheaper alternatives to having your teeth whitened by a dental professional with years of experience.

The question is this. Should you be looking for anyone else to whiten your teeth?

This is not professional hype - it is dentists who have to deal with the gum or teeth problems resulting from the inappropriate use of teeth whitening agents bought from the internet or some market stall (although from October 2012 this is illegal).

Only qualified and registered dental professionals are legally allowed to whiten teeth. There are no exceptions! If your beautician or hairdresser offers teeth whitening (even by simply handing you a teeth whitening kit), they are breaking the law.

Whitening products bought from the pharmacy rarely work as they are not potent enough and non licensed products are potentially dangerous: especially from untrustworthy (and unregulated) sources on the internet. Even if safe, each and every mouth is different and needs to be carefully managed.

And you are never too old...

Some of the very best, natural white smiles are in our over 50s. A dark or yellowing smile is a sign of ageing. One of the quickest and easiest tricks to 'turn back time' (as seen in so many makeover programmes) is simply to whiten your teeth.


The cost of teeth whitening varies throughout the UK and throughout Europe. You pay for what you get. We have had several patients who have spent a small fortune on teeth whitening kits and products from various sources (including other dental surgeons) but STILL come to us to have their smile improved. Why? Well, there is a degree of skill involved and there are many systems that do not deliver the expected results.

The whitening systems used in combination with Dr Boulcott's protocols (derived from years of experience) do give good, predictable results. These systems are not cheap and it can be time consuming. As a result we charge between £250 and £550 depending on complexity, materials used and duration of application.

Only a visit for an appraisal can determine what type of system is best for your clinical needs. What dictates the price is largely dependant on the quantity and type of material required as well as clinical time needed.

"Of all the things you wear, your smile is the most important"

Special Occasions

Smiles typify weddings. A beautiful white smile is essential for all those fabulous wedding photographs. Remember: eyes and teeth - but above all... teeth!

Dr Boulcott has whitened many a bride's, groom's and parent's teeth. For the best results the whitening should be completed near the wedding date but not so close as to cause additional pre-wedding stress.

6 - 8 weeks before the big day is ideal. Remember for the full whitening process using our whitening system, it takes about 4 - 6 weeks from the initial examination to finished result. Do allow enough time!

It is not just for weddings...as well as a 'whiter wedding' what about a 'whiter Christmas' or simply a white smile to go with the sun kissed tan before or after a holiday abroad? Everyone desires a white smile - it suggests health and happiness.

Confused about your options?

Get our free guide outlining the basics of teeth whitening, how we work and the processes involved. Download Today.

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