Teeth Whitening In Pembrokeshire - Safe And Reliable

Getting A White Smile Has Never Been Easier

Teeth Whitening is not just cosmetic process, it improves your smile and makes you feel more confident about your smile.

People associate a nice white smile with positive opinions about that person. No one enjoys seeing ugly teeth and the use of teeth whitening is perhaps one of the easiest ways to achieve the lovely white smile you've always wanted.

Our Teeth Whitening Systems

Our systems have been specifically selected to :

  • Produce a reliable and predictable whitening throughout the tooth.
  • To be safe to the teeth themselves
  • To minimise any sensitivity
  • To be long acting

Tooth Whitening systems can work for everyone, and works particularly well for those with yellow or aging teeth and teeth made yellow through smoking or through diet.

What Are My Teeth Whitening Options?

We use two teeth whitening systems within the practice, and depending on your desired shade, amount of staining and time frame we will have a bleaching system that is right for you.

Home Based Whitening

Teeth whitening gels are applied nightly into custom whitening trays by you to attain your desired shade over the course of approximately 2 weeks, all within the comfort of your own home.

This allows you to control the final shade as you can choose to stop when you reach your desired shade. This typically takes around two weeks so is significantly slower than in surgery whitening.

You can, however, "top up" your tooth shade in the future using additional gels should they start to discolour.

Advantages: Controlled by you. Cheaper

Disadvantages: Less Predictable. Slower. Potential Sensitivity.

Gel is applied in removable trays

In Surgery Whitening

This is where the dentist carries out the majority of whitening with bio-active intense lights over a period of 1 hour with the option for supplemental whitening before or after at home depending on the systems used.

This typically produces a brighter and whiter smile that can be achieved by the "home teeth whitening" option.

This gives you much more control over the final shade and gives almost “instant” results, leaving the practice with a brilliant white smile.

Advantages: Less Sensitivity. Stable and Faster Results. Brighter Shade

Disadvantages: Cost

Your choice of tooth whitening system is dependant on budget, speed and to some extent the degree of brightness you are after.

Your dentist will discuss the options available to you and recommend a system best for your individual needs.

Confused about your options?

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What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?

While tooth whitening results do vary from person to person, mainly depending on your teeth’s initial darkness and what discoloured them in the first place, your smile will always be much whiter with our systems.

We can usually manage a result of around B1: which is a really white shade!

Of course, depending on your preference we are able to control the final result depending on what it is you prefer, making it either lighter or darker.

Normally, you will have a desired shade in mind before you start whitening and we always work our best to get that result.

If you want that super white celebrity look that is usually achievable but takes much more effort and time from us both but is always worth it.

How Does It Work?

Teeth whitening is an oxidation technique similar in essence to bleaching your hair.

Peroxides are used of various types but there is large variation in the application, strength and technique.

When done correctly, Teeth Whitening can provide superb results

As a practice, we have been carrying out teeth whitening treatments for many years.

The materials used are specifically formulated to be completely safe in the mouth whilst still being highly effective at getting you a brilliantly white smile

We use a carbamide peroxide gel, that is water based and comes with a desensitising ingredient to make the whole process more comfortable.

Regardless of which system you choose, the high-quality whitening gels and experience within the dental practice will give you predictable, satisfying results.

It should be noted however, the process is only effective on your natural teeth, meaning crowns and fillings are not affected by the tooth whitening process. This will, of course, be pointed out by your dentist prior to any treatment commencing. Another cosmetic option may well be suitable.

The results can be amazing and, to this date, we have never had a disappointed patient.

Are There Cheaper Ways To Whiten Teeth?

Yes, there are always cheaper alternatives to having your teeth whitened by a dental professional with years of experience.

The question is this. Should you be looking for anyone else to whiten your teeth?

This is not professional hype, and there have been many cases of whitening kits bought from third parties causing extreme sensitivity, gum burns and dental damage.

This is why from 2012 it was made illegal for anyone other than a dental professional to offer teeth whitening.

Whitening products bought from the pharmacy or online rarely work as they are not potent enough and non licensed products are potentially dangerous: especially from untrustworthy (and unregulated) sources.


Depending on your choice of system, the cost of teeth whitening can vary.

Our systems and protocols have been developed over a number of years to give excellent and stable tooth whitening results, meaning you will always get value for money.

Typically we charge between £250 and £550 depending on complexity, materials used and the type of system you have chosen.

Only a visit for an appraisal can determine what type of system is best for your clinical needs.

One of our expert dentists will be able to make sure tooth whitening is right for you and explain all the options to make sure you get the best results possible.

Our Experience

Many of our dentists have additional qualifications above that of a general practitioner allowing a wide range of advanced treatments. Things like Dental Implants, Orthodontics and advanced Restorative Dentistry are all carried out within the practice.

You can see more about our team here, along with their qualifications and experience.

A Brilliants Smile For Your Special Day

Smiles can typify weddings. A beautiful white smile is essential for all those fabulous wedding photographs. Remember: eyes and teeth - but above all... teeth!

We have provided many wedding parties with brilliant white smiles, ready for the happiest day of their lives.

For the best results, the whitening should be completed near the wedding date but not so close as to cause additional pre-wedding stress!

6 - 8 weeks before the big day is ideal. Remember for the full whitening process using our whitening system, it takes about 4 - 6 weeks from the initial examination to finished result. Do allow enough time!

It is not just for weddings...as well as a 'whiter wedding' what about a 'whiter Christmas' or simply a white smile to go with the sun kissed tan before or after a holiday abroad? Everyone desires a white smile - it suggests health and happiness.

Confused about your options?

Get our free guide outlining the basics of teeth whitening, how we work and the processes involved. Download Today.

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